M. Scott Peck Quote – What does it mean to value your time?


Anything? Let’s say that when you don’t value yourself and therefore your time, you won’t do anything meaningful with your time. What is doing something meaningful?

Stuff that fulfills you: What you believe is important. What makes you feel proud – good about your life.

When you don’t have self-esteeem, getting some should be your #1 priority. How can you possibly be motivated to create a meaningful life – and use your time in a way that you consider valuable – when you don’t consider yourself worth the effort?

The Classic Joe Dirt Quotes You’ll Never Forget

joe dirt quotes

Joe Dirt quotes never leave one without the feeling he should be a prophet. Who can resist this appeal to inner goodness? A spiritual awakening is on the horizon!

10 Genghis Khan Quotes with Facts you Never Knew

Genghis Khan quotes and facts you never knew about this ruthless (and compassionate?) leader.

Quoting Genghis Khan raises questions about who he was and whether or not this legendary warrior was good or evil. Check out the quotes in this post. Each Genghis Khan quote is followed by intriguing facts you probably didn’t know.

Reading Genghis Khan quotes, you might be surprised to see him talk of faith and unity. After all, this man may be been responsible for as many as 40 million deaths. Genghis Khan was all for unity and faith in his tribe. Other tribes must perish!

10 Lesbian Quotes Every Non-Lesbian Should Read

Lesbian quotes everyone should read?

Of course. Here they are. If you’re lesbian, know that Quotelandia supports you. If you’re a supportive non-lesbian, thanks for checking out these lesbian quotes. And if you’re a non-supportive non-lesbian, please change. Who are you to judge anyone? Seriously. Who. Are. You. To. Judge. Anyone.

lesbian quotes - fall in love with person

Among the 10 lesbian quotes on this page, this one makes a profound statement. Lesbians are people. Straight men and women are people. People are people, not labels. When you use labels to describe people, are you remembering that behind the label is a human being?

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